Kecak And Fire Dance

Kecak And Fire Dance

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Kecak and Fire Dance, Part of the art of dance and the role that makes you hypnotized by its uniqueness

Now is the time for us to enjoy one of Bali’s most famous arts. Kecak and fire dance, this dance is actually a combination of drama and dance. This dance describes the art of the role of Pewayangan.

The kecak and fire dance mainly tells about Ramayana and almost all the cast is male. The dance is performed by many (or more dozens) of male dancers sitting in a circular line. With certain rhythms calling “cak” and lifting both arms, describing the Ramayana story as a row of apes helping Rama against Ravana. However, Kecak comes from the Sanghyang ritual, a dance tradition whose dancers will be in an unconscious state. The dancer communicates with God or the spirit of his ancestors and then conveys their hope to the community.

The dancers sitting in a circle were wearing a checkered cloth like a chessboard encircling their waist. In addition to the dancers, there are also other dancers who portray Ramayana figures such as Rama, Shinta, Ravana, Hanuman, and Sugriwa.

Kecak dance song is taken from Sanghyang dance ritual. This dance does not use the accompaniment of any musical instrument. But only use the kincringan worn on the dancer who plays the character of Ramayana.

Around the 1930s Wayan Limbak worked with German painter Walter Spies to create a Kecak and fire dance based on the Sanghyang tradition and parts of the Ramayana story. Wayan Limbak popularized this dance while traveling the world with her Balinese dance troupe.

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Culture and history info

The development of Bali Kecak and Fire Dance in Bali Kecak Dance in Bali continues to change and progress since the 1970's. Developments can be seen is in terms of story and staging. In terms of the story for staging not only sticking to one part of the Ramayana, but also other parts of the story of the Ramayana. Then in terms of staging also began to experience growth not only found in one place likes the Village Bona, Gianyar, but also other villages in Bali began to develop Kecak dance so all regions in Bali there are dozens of Kecak groups whose members are usually members of the Banjar. Activities such as Kecak dance festival is often held in Bali well by government or by a school of art in Bali. As well as from the amount of much dancers who ever performed in the Kecak dance was recorded in 1979 which involved 500 dancers. At that time kecak performed by taking the story from the Mahabharata. But this record was broken by Tabanan regency government that organizes colossal Kecak dance with 5000 dancers on September 29, 2006, at Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali. Culture and history image

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