Mas Village

Mas Village

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Mas Village, The famous sculpture village

Mas Village is one of tourism village in Bali. The location of this village is in Ubud District, Gianyar, Bali. Almost along the road on this village many kinds of art-shop that serves as a center trade of handicraft sculpture. In the art-shop was also found many workers as Carpenter and sculptors. Art work is not only to sculpture. In Mas village Ubud, will be easy to find the makers of Balinese mask and Balinese wayang crafts. Characteristic of the craft that became the main attraction of this Mas village. That characteristic is his firmness in carrying the values of humanism and naturalism as the central message.

Mas Village is already famous since a long time ago. This village became famous because of various advantages they have, such as art and wood carving art. Various works of art, especially the sculpture that produced by the craftsmen in this village.

The function of the statues is for various rituals and offerings of Balinese Hindu society. Statues that become sociocultural symbols of Balinese people, as well as sculpture Which is the work of imagination that tends to abstract and contains the depths of the philosophy of the makers.

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Country Indonesia
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenIndonesian,English
Currency usedIDR (Rupiah)

Culture and history info

History The history of Mas village begins when a Brahman from Majapahit travels to Bali because of his wish to defend Hinduism after being pressed by Islam in Java. Pedanda Sakti Bawu Rauh is the name of the Brahmana, who during the village of Mas many give sermons and lessons in various fields such as religion, arts-culture, social, and others to someone named Mas Wilis. After all the science is considered mastered by Mas Wilis, then Pedanda Sakti Bawu Rauh held a torture and gave the title of Prince Manik Mas. Then Prince Manik Mas held Pesraman or Geria with various kinds of equipment to honor the services of Pedanda Sakti Bawu Rauh. Similarly, Pedanda Sakti who then stick the high stick (tangi tree) which is allegedly still alive today to commemorate the incident. The tree is located in Pura Taman Pule Mas. And from then on the area was named Mas Village by him. Besides famous for its various kinds of crafts, Mas Village is also located in a very strategic location so it is not surprising that this village is often used as a tourist destination in Gianyar area. So complete is Mas village as a tourist paradise of typical crafts surrounding communities, natural beauty, and thick with historical value. Culture and history image

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