campuhan ridge walk, a place that is recommended for you lovers of natural beauty in a quiet place

The Campuhan Ridge walk is definitely at the top of the list of must do walks when in Ubud. It is a beautiful walk which is filled with greenery and hills. More of a jungle or forest walk and if you wanted to only see rice fields and terraces there are other walks you can do.

Many tourists are jogging in this place, the best time to jogging tracks on Campuhan Hill is in the morning or afternoon, because during the day the sun is quite hot and the lack of shelter, more recommended in the afternoon, because you can watch the sunset from the top of Campuhan Ubud.

This is a beautiful paved walk along the Campuhan ridge. This walk definitely showcases the natural side to Ubud. Many trees and hills, the Campuhan Ridge Walk has the scenery of a jungle or forest rather than that of rice terraces and fields. There are rice fields further along the walk near Karsa Kafe but there are other rice terraces and fields that require less walking to get to and are closer to Ubud centre. There are also more impressive and popular Rice terraces such as Tegalalang or Jatiluwih.

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