Taman Ayun Temple

Bali  Taman  Ayun Temple Situated In Mengwi Village With Very Beautiful Garden Inside The Temple

Taman Ayun Temple is situated in mengwi village of Badung District, around 18 to the west of Denpasar. It is very beautiful temple. Taman ayun temple is also considered to have historical values, which makes the regional government of Bali suggest the UNESCO in 2002 that this temple is include in world Heritage List. When Mengwi grew into a big kingdom.  The expanded temple was officially declared Taman Ayun temple on kliwon Tuesday mangdasia in  the fourth month in the javanese years of 1556 until today, each kliwon Tuesday of wuku medangsia in javanese calender(saka), a piodalan(ceremony) is held in this temple to celebrate the temple’s anniversary. Taman Ayun Temple, there are four parts that is:

  1. Jaba(the outermost part of temple ) in this part of jaba there is a large yard and there is lake that circles the whole of temple.
  2. Nista Mandala this place is usually as meeting place or paruman and can also as a place of  Balinese dance performances as well as gamelan bali gong.
  3. Madya mandala in which there is a kulkul. Kulkul is a bumper-sized ring that is about 1 mater high is made using special wood.
  4. Utama mandala is a place of worship in which there are various kinds of meru.

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