February in love

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Month of Love & Romantic Things To Do in Bali

Let’s feel the romance of Bali in the month full of love. Bali Safests Driver ready to take you to watch the sunset or enjoy the warm nature of Bali with your loved ones. You may have booked a special Month of Love tours package in Bali. If you want to spend this special day in beautiful and romantic places where you can spend those lovely moments as a couple. So we already list couple of things you can do in Bali this February.


  • Make Your Loved Ones Jewellry

    Bali is home to many master gold and silversmiths. They pass these skills down their family line and are also very generous in sharing their silver jewellery-making skills to travellers.

  • Valentine’s Day 

    Celebrate your valentine in Bali with your loved ones. Down the beauty of Bali and romantic dinner on the beach.

  • Find Hidden Beauty With The Beauty by Your Side

    As an island, Bali is naturally known for its beach life and activities. But with the influx of tourists, mainstream beaches such as the Kuta beach are already overflowing with people.
    So if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet (note: intimate time with your partner without a noisy crowd), it’s time to head on to Bali’s various hidden beaches, thankfully, have yet to gain the notice of many. And if you’re looking for something even more out of this world, head to Green Bowl beach. In this place you can find hundreds of bats sleeping in the many beach side caves.

  • Watch The Sunrise At The Peak Of The Volcano – Mt.Batur Trekking

    The traditional paths tend to get crowded and not-so romantic. So if you’d like to avoid the crowds, take a private route that avoids the crowds.An early morning (3AM!) pick-up is followed by a drive and a trek up the volcano under the starry sky. The reward is a majestic sunrise above the clouds at the summit which is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see.

  • Serenity and Scenery – Tamblingan Lake

    Near the town of Singaraja lie Tamblingan (and Buyan) Lake. Kept largely untouched, Tamblingan Lake, which means spiritual medicine. It is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a place of serenity and stunningly scenic views. , it’s also a pretty popular place for pre-wedding photography. While you might not be here to get your photos taken, romance does await at Tamblingan Lake.