Indonesia as One Of The 10 Best Countries To Visit

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Indonesia was awarded the Top 10 Best Countries to Visit in 2019 from Lonely Planet. Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, received the award directly from Ali Teeman as Client Solution Director Lonely Planet at the Wonderful Indonesia booth at the 2018 London World Travel Market (WTM) on Tuesday (6/11).

Yahya said, this award became recognition of the increasingly accelerating Indonesian tourism. “It’s clearly a pride for Indonesia. Because it is included the best countries to visit in the world. The impact can be very good for Indonesian tourism,” said Yahya.

Lonely Planet itself is a travel guide for tourists who want to visit a country. The company is owned by BBC Worldwide, which bought 75% shares from its founders, Maureen and Tony Wheeler in 2007 and the remaining 25% in February 2011.

The list of the 10 best countries to visit in 2019 recommended by Lonely Planet is published in the 2019 Best in Travel book. What’s more proud, the cover of the Best in Travel 2019 book is Pura Ulun Danu in Bali.

There are a number of reasons why Lonely Planet experts include Indonesia in the top 10 list. According to Yahya, Indonesia’s natural and cultural wealth stretching from Sabang to Merauke is the first reason.

“Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. Consist of various cultures, culinary and religious. All stretches between islands, offering a myriad of experiences,” wrote Lonely Planet in the book.

Lonely Planet also wrote about the latest conditions in Indonesia which had been hit by the earthquake. However, they continue to state that Indonesia is a safe country to visit. “The recent earthquake occurred in several parts of Indonesia which are on the trajectory of the Ring of Fire. The response to natural disasters is well done, but the country remains safe for tourists,” wrote Lonely Planet.

Not only Indonesia’s condition is highlighted. The Indonesian Government’s policy of giving access to Free Visit Visa (BVK) to 169 countries in the world is also praised. “Free visa access for 169 countries. It’s never been easier to visit this tropical country,” wrote Lonely Planet.

Finally, Lonely Planet also appealed to everyone to immediately visit Indonesia. “Go now to Indonesia, before all the secrets are exposed,” suggested Lonely Planet.

In the list, Sri Lanka was ranked first. Followed by Germany, Zimbabwe, Panama, Kyrgyzstan and Jordan. Indonesia is ranked seventh above Belarus, Sao Tome and Principe, and Belize.