Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall

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Munduk Waterfall

The falls are a highlight feature of the namesake village of Munduk in Buleleng, North Bali. Reachable after a 300m walk from the main road on which trekkers can enjoy soothing nature sights and sounds along a forest route.

Cool mists and the rushing sound of water greet you upon reaching the Munduk waterfall. Here you can wade into the rocky pool for a cold dip.

Munduk and the nearby villages of Kayuputih and Banyuatis are dotted along the scenic drive of twists and turns between Lake Buyan at the west of Bedugul to Seririt on Bali’s northern coast. Although Munduk village itself looks unassuming when you travel down its single main road. The buildings hold a hidden secret behind them are the region’s prime spots for watching sunrises on one side and also sunsets on the other.

Often overlooked by tourists, Munduk’s cooler climate comes to many as a welcome break from the humidity common in the rest of Bali. Trekking is the big call card here and you also can see why with the myriad of trails through the forested hills to hidden villages, the two main waterfalls and the coffee and also cocoa plantations. You can hike them self-guided, although a decent map and some time and patience are essential for navigating the often maze-like tracks.

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Country Indonesia
Visa requirementsVisa is required
Languages spokenIndonesian,English
Currency usedIDR (Rupiah)

Culture and history info

Dutch colonists used to stay in Munduk to escape the heat of [[Singaraja]], Bali's second largest city and the centre of the island's colonial past. The Dutch built an assortment of rest houses for those wanting a break from the city. You can still see evidence of these colonial-style buildings today, some having survived by being converted into guest houses.Culture and history image

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