Riding Scooter Under The Sea

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Bali Underwater Scooter,  Riding Scooter To See Underwater Life and Meet Many Unique Dwellers of Indian Ocean

Bali Underwater Scooter watersport, which gives the sensation of driving with a scooter under the sea. You will feel how to walk with a scooter vehicle under the sea, of course this will provide a unique and new experience while traveling with your spouse or family.

Underwater Scooter is one option that does not require special skills, because during the game you ride a special vehicle under the water. The scooter vehicle is also included oxygen cylinder that will be used by the player for breathing.
How to operate the underwater scooter is very easy, it only takes a few minutes you can control it. By controlling the device with the supplied buttons you can float and stop according to the control you want.
Bali Underwater scooter has two engines, one machine for advanced and the other for upward movement. Drive button is easy to reach by the driver, there is the right and left hand wheel. For underwater scooter speeds only around 5 km / h and can not be as fast as a scooter on land. While the depth of adventure underwater scooter only 4 meters deep, so that the scooter does not hit the coral. To ensure safety and comfort, every diving is followed or accompanied also by a professional diver guide.
Underwater world that is rarely accessible to ordinary people.  Now you can more easily to see the underwater scenery with underwater scooter Bali. This watersport is specially designed can be enjoyed by children and also adults. Enjoy your underwater adventure tour with more sensation and deserve to be remembered and immortalized.
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