Visiting One of the Cleanest Village in the World

Let’s take a look at one of the cleanest village in the world for your Bali private tour! Ever imagined to be in a clean and tidy environment for Bali private tour? The place which is surrounded by nothing but combination of beauty of nature and culture. It is far away from pollutions, trashes, crowds and traffics. Well, you […]


Watching Sunset at Cool Spots? This Bali Private Tour is Your Answer!

of Bali Private Tour for Sunset Lovers

Spectacular Spots of Bali Private Tour for Sunset Lovers Are you planning to have a casual Bali private tour? Do you want to walk along beautiful panorama of the sky in the evening? Well, this trips are perfect for sunset lovers! Famous for its beaches, Bali offers beautiful sunset panorama from its bay. However, in […]


Our Big Cars

Our Big Cars For Your Group Trip in Bali If you are planning to travelling in Bali together with relatives or extended family, Bali A1 Driver provides microbus that can accomodate 13 to 17 passengers. Our big cars cars are very convenient for those of you who want to travel with your group or colleagues. In […]