Diamond Beach, Tree House Molenteng and Peguyangan Waterfall

Bali Private Tour Goes to East Nusa Penida package is another exciting Bali sightseeing for you who want to discover the hidden gems of Bali. By crossing the sea to Nusa Penida Island, this Bali Private tour will bring you to the island full of amazing places. This Bali sightseeing covers the eastern coast of Nusa Penida Island. Nusa Penida is one of the islands of Nusa that offers so many beautiful places. You can easily spend several days just at Penida. Nusa Penida Island can also be easily visited on our Bali private tour. This is perfect when you have limited time and still like to see the amazing watery places on this island.Offering you a mix feel for this journey, you will find no flaws but feel the difference of this trip. The itinerary is a combination of beach visit, famous and instagramable spots, and waterfall adventure.

The Bali tour package will start at 06:00 when we pick you up at your hotel. From your hotel, we will transfer you to Sanur Harbour. Boarding to Nusa Penida Island, you have to be ready to see its island beauty! Our first stop is the white sandy beach Diamond Beach. The beach offers views of karst cliffs with tapered shapes resembling gems. Next stop is the giant famous tree house, Molenteng. The house is perched up on the mountain facing Atuh Beach. A perfect spot for your social media threads. After having a lunch break, the journey will be wrapped at Peguyangan Waterfall. The waterfall directly plunges into the open sea. This is a complete Bali private tour for you!

After having fun at the private tour in Bali, especially in the East Nusa Penida, we will bring you back to Sanur Harbour at 17:00. Then we will transfer you back to your hotel while bringing a wonderful experience.

Diamond Beach

After picking you up at your hotel at 06:00, we will bring you to Sanur Harbour. Then we board to Nusa Penida by fast boat at 07:00. Our first stop is Diamond Beach. Diamond Beach is a bay of white water that is untouched by white sand and silk at the eastern end of Nusa Penida. Just like its name, the beach offers views of karst cliffs with tapered shapes resembling gems. To reach this white sandy beach, there is a stone staircase that has been equipped with a security fence. This staircase is very famous Bali sightseeing on social media. The view from above on Diamond Beach is a view directly from a postcard. Stunning white beaches, smooth blue water, limestone and palm trees create a dream destination. Diamond Beach is one of the things you must do in your Bali private tour.

tourists can enjoy the beauty of Diamond Beach which has blue sea water. Besides that from the top of the cliff you can see the beauty of the diamond beach from above. So that the road down to Diamond Beach becomes a taking pictures spot with beautiful views.

Tree House Molenteng

After visiting Diamond Beach, we will go to Molenteng Tree House. Here, you will be able to feel a different holiday atmosphere. From this tree house, you have the opportunity to witness the natural beauty of Nusa Penida. The house is perched up on the mountain facing Atuh Beach. The tree house is actually very simple. Standing on a tree that has been partially cut down so the house can stand upright. To reach the top of the house, bridges and stairs made of wood have been installed to help climb. It is not too big with wooden staircases neatly arranged and rope as a handle, making the existence of this unique spot is quite extreme yet challenging. It is not the house that makes the Molenteng special. But the scenery and natural beauty that can be witnessed from the top of the tree house. The view that is seen is the natural stretch of the sea and Atuh Beach which is very charming.

Peguyangan Waterfall

After having lunch, we will set to another Bali private tour destination, Peguyangan Waterfall. The waterfall directly plunges into the open sea. Above the waterfall is an instagramable gate for those of you who like to take pictures. Not only that, the gate is also popular as a pre-wedding venue. The beauty of the background of your photo is more artistic with cliff views and greenery and Temeling Waterfall. Beside the springs, there is a natural pool near the cliff and directly bordered by the edge of the cliff. Around the waterfall, there are clear, fresh and healthy springs. Besides being fresh, this spring is also considered sacred by the locals, however, you can drink or wash your face with the spring. In addition to springs, there is a natural pool near the cliff and directly bordered by the edge of the cliff and a view that you can enjoy right away namely the open sea. This natural pool you can use for swimming. Under the spring there is a temple owned by local residents. This temple is often used for prayers and also traditional religious ceremonies.

Peguyangan Waterfall has been operating since 1995. At that time, the source of this spring was carried out by the Nusa Penida Public Works Department which will be used to deliver clean water to residents’ homes. The spring around Peguyangan Waterfall is considered very important because it is a source of water for local residents.

2 pax IDR 2,000,000 3 pax IDR 2,400,000
4 – 19 pax IDR 750,000 per pax


Itinerary :

Pick at 06:00 from your hotel and transfer to sanur harbour
– 07:00 fast boat to nusa penida
– 09:00 Diamond beach
– Tree house molenteng
– 12:00 lunch
– 14:00 peguyangan waterfall
– 17:00 back to sanur harbour
– 19:00 back to your hotel

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The price is inclusive of : private pick-up and drop, lunch, fast boat fee return, private tour at the island, parking fee, entrance fee, insurance, mineral water and english speaking driver. 

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