Bali Swing – White Water Rafting and Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

Bali Swing – White Water Rafting and Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple An incredible tour has designed as we called Bali Swing cultural day tour. We will invite you to enjoy the beauty of Bali in three different areas at once. First stop is the Bali Ubud Swing and exploring the great coffee farming. This place is in the Bali Swing the famous and real Bali swing in Bali.

The tour will start at 7.30 AM

Bali Swing – White Water Rafting and Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple – Hightlight:          

  • 07.30 : Leave The Hotel
  • 09.30 : Bali Swing
  • 12.00 : Lunch and White Water Rafting at Ayung River
  • 17.00 : Tanah Lot Temple
  • 20.00 : Reach Hotel

Bali Swing including: entrance fee,  lunch buffet close to the exciting river waterfall, drinks (coffee, tea, water) and 22 activities: 12 single swings (from 10m to 78m above the ground), old-school tandem swing, 6 cute nests (the best located in Bali !!!), helicopter photo shooting point, heart rock in the jungle and huge stone over the edge above the valley with an amazing view on the canyon and waterfall. Swinging time is not limited and also amount of use neither. The entrance to the river beach with 4 breathtaking waterfalls and 2 swimming pools is included in the price too, so please take your swimsuit when you will visit us.

(Note: to safe time we will bring you lunch at the atv finish point but you can always take the quick lunch here because it included).

Our next stop Its time for an adrenaline tour  White Water Rafting at Ayung River.  In this place we will enjoy lunch before rafting. To enjoy rafting on the Ayung river you will travel along the 12 km track or about 2 hours from the start point to the finish point. During the track, we guarantee you will not be bored. You also will not be wasted to spend 2 hours just to paddle it. Because at some point, you will find a spot that tests your guts. The main attraction of rafting in ayung is the relief of ramayana story along 1 km river wall.

And then Sunset at Tanah Lot temple is something every Bali traveller should put on their bucket list. Watching the day come to its end behind this iconic temple in the ocean can be such a wonderful experience. There’s only one problem: it gets super crowded. One million tourists flock to Tanah Lot each year – and with good reason.

This unique offshore temple is unlike any other; a Hindu shrine perched on rocky outcrop that is accessible by foot when the tide is out, but appears more like a floating structure at high tide.

All you have to know about this tour 

Estimated time 10 – 11 Hours

Bali Swing – White Water Rafting and Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple Price : 

1 pax IDR 1.370.000 11 pax IDR 10.070.000
2 pax IDR 2.240.000 12 pax IDR 10.940.000
3 pax IDR 3.110.000 13 pax IDR 11.810.000
4 pax IDR 3.980.000 14 pax IDR 12.680.000
5 pax IDR 4.850.000 15 pax IDR 13.550.000
6 pax IDR 5.720.000 16 pax IDR 14.420.000
7 pax IDR 6.590.000 17 pax IDR 15.290.000
8 pax IDR 7.460.000 18 pax IDR 16.160.000
9 pax IDR 8.330.000 19 pax IDR 17.030.000
10 pax IDR 9.200.000

for more than 19 person please discuss with panji

Car Transport :

The price is inclusive of : private air conditioned vehicle, petrol, parking fee, bali swing fee, white water rafting fee, entrance fee, insurance, mineral water and also english speaking driver. 

If you want to change or customize your trip itineraries, better you should check the Bali Driver Tourism Coverage Map Area at the following link here..


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